Who We Are

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A Nonprofit Foundation Supporting Long-Term Substance Abuse Recovery

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Brent C. Allsup Foundation is fully committed to helping individuals who are struggling with long-term substance abuse issues. We provide them with economic resources and guidance to support them through their journey toward recovery.

Who We Are

Also called The Allsup Foundation, our 501(c)(3) organization was established in 2020. Our goal is to give economic assistance to those who are serving an alternative sentence arrangement through local accountability courts. By supporting them through the programs, we hope that the participants can start living healthier and becoming more productive so that they can restore their lives and relationships.


Why Trust Us

We aim to promote understanding, trust, and accountability among the participants as well as their family members. With these values, we are able to provide them with the support they need.

What We Do

Our organization works with various partners to hold online campaigns and within local communities. These initiatives help us acquire financial resources for selected accountability courts, which will then award the aid to deserving participants.

Support Our Cause

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